IMMJ Systems – continued success with PNE

IMMJ Systems are providers of next-generation electronic document management solutions for healthcare. Their purpose-built solution, MediViewer™, enables the rapid digitisation of clinical content at the point of care, while ensuring ease-of-use, efficiency and compliance. Their end-to-end solution is tailored to the needs of healthcare providers and professionals, building on their management team’s strong collective experience in healthcare, technology and business. Wherever a Trust is in their digital transformation journey, IMMJ can design an approach and solution that helps them get where they need to be. 

Being at the forefront of helping NHS Trusts on their journey to digital transformation, it’s vital for IMMJ not only to get their proposition in front of the best and brightest of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs) within these Trusts, but also to learn from them. Since its inception, IMMJ have found the Healthcare Partnership Network an invaluable opportunity to engage with key people in their network and beyond. 

Here’s what Jamie Hall, Head of Sales at IMMJ Systems, had to say when he reflected on the March 2019 event. 

How did you find the event?

The event’s been absolutely fantastic – extremely well attended, both on the sponsor side and the delegate side. It’s given us a great opportunity to speak to right delegates in a very close-knit and well-organised environment, which we wouldn’t usually get at other events. It’s also in a wonderful setting, which makes a difference!

How did you find the Dragon’s Den?

The “Dragon’s Den” section is a unique and innovative way of allowing suppliers an opportunity to stand up in front of lots of people we wouldn’t normally be able to speak to and put our proposition across in a quick elevator pitch. 

How did you find the business meetings?

Off the back of the Dragon’s Den pitch, we had a lot of interest during the meeting section. We’ve had fantastic meetings throughout the day with some key people. The meetings are extremely well organised – the facilitators consistently make sure we get the right people there and they’re constantly checking up on us to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Why do IMMJ Systems keep returning to HPN?

We’ve been attending Healthcare Partnership Network since its inception. We are due to be closing our first major contract off the back of one of the meetings we had last year and we expect that level of results to continue into next year and all future events. 


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