Introducing The Virtual MAT Expo

Following our announcement of our new virtual event for the healthcare sector, we are delighted to announce that we are also launching a premium, large-scale virtual event for the education sector – Virtual MAT Expo. 

The global pandemic has caused disruption to the education sector at a scale and pace that has never been seen before. It’s estimated that the school time lost as a result of COVID-19, and the subsequent shortage in skilled workers, could hurt the UK economy for the next 65 years

With this in mind, the UK government is keen to get pupils back into schools and putting the pressure on educators to ensure students catch up. For educators and school leaders, it’s a vital time for getting the processes, tools and policies in place that will enable them to get the possible student outcomes in a way that’s safe for students, staff and parents alike. There’s an additional layer of complexity when it comes to MATs. Getting multiple individual schools on the same page and ensuring a level of communication and consistency across the organisation is no mean feat.

Now is a vital time for the sector to collaborate and innovate. But, as we explored in our previous announcement, now is not the time for large groups of people to be coming together in a physical space – albeit with the best intentions around improving learning. 

That’s why we’re launching Virtual MAT Expo, which is set to be the biggest virtual event the UK education sector has ever seen. For 2 days, from 1st December-2nd December 2020, we’ll be bringing together 1000+ senior leaders, managers and educators in multi academy trusts to hear from 70+ inspirational speakers and explore 45+ transformational suppliers from the education sector. In addition to being a unique event on an ambitious scale, it’s also CPD-accredited – invaluable at a time when it can be difficult to sustain momentum on vital staff CPD. 

As with all of our events both physical and virtual, we’re investing heavily in creating a quality experience – hosting the event on a premium, cutting-edge virtual platform complete with expo hall with four expo zones. Our four expo zones will correspond to our four core themes representing the full spectrum of disciplines and the most relevant challenges and opportunities in MATs:

  • Buildings, estates and facilities
  • Finance, operations and back-office
  • Edtech and digital innovation
  • Workforce, skills and recruitment

The 70+ speakers represent leaders and educators from a range of disciplines and backgrounds within the country’s top MATs. They include:

  • Sir Steve Lancashire – Chief Executive, REAch 2 Academy Trust
  • Cheryl Campbell – Chair, Association of BAME Business Leaders in Education
  • Julian Drinkall – Chief Executive, Academies Enterprise Trust
  • Leora Cruddas – Chief Executive, Confederation of Schools Trust
  • James Garnett – Director of IT, United Learning
  • Nick Hudson, Chief Executive, Ormiston Academies Trust
  • Lisa Hawker – Head of IT, ARK Schools
  • John Murphy – Chief Executive, Oasis Community Learning
  • Sue Atkins – The Parenting Expert
  • Adrian Ball – Chief Executive, Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust

We take pride in having strong relationships with leaders from some of the most successful and respected multi academy trusts in the UK. The content, speakers, exhibitors and general direction of the event has been carefully curated in conjunction with our steering committee, consisting of seven visionary leads in education. Each recognises the significant and unique value of holding this event. 

Adrian Ball, Chief Executive of Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, comments:

“As new challenges arise, everyone’s getting busier and time is precious, so networking with people who share these challenges is a great way to spend the time you do have.”

Julian Drinkall, Chief Executive of Academies Enterprise Trust, adds:

“The timing of this event is spot on. We’ll have experienced the first term of the ‘new normal’ and be ready to collaborate and share best practice with our peers.”

Would you like to be part of the UK’s biggest ever virtual event in the education sector? Visit our new Virtual MAT Expo website to register and secure your delegate spot*:

If you’re a supplier to the education sector and would like the chance to showcase your solutions to 1000+ decision makers, senior leaders and influencers in multi academy trusts, enquire now to find out more about our exhibitor packages: 


*Please note you must be an employee of a multi academy trust or public sector organisation to qualify for a free delegate pass. For supplier/sponsor delegate opportunities, please visit our exhibit page.



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