The PNE Podcast – Episode 10, Dilshan Arawwawala

In our first episode to feature a clinical leader, Jack talks to Dilshan Arawwawala, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Foundation Trust.

Dilshan talks about his early life – the advantages of being a middle child, how he had to get three buses to get to grammar school, and how attending grammar school gave him the foundation and the opportunities to be really strong academically. He continues his studiousness into his adult live – he can have 3 or 4 books on the go at once. In addition to being academically strong, Dilshan has always been a hard worker – from getting up at 6am at the age of 11 to do his paper round, to doing 120 hour weeks as a medical student.

He was driven to the CCIO role by wanting to make a real impact on quality of care through digital health. His thoughts on leadership can be summed up in this quote – “the most effective leaders are the ones who don’t need to show off their shiny badges but are actually leading by example”.

This episode is sponsored by CommonTime.


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