The PNE Podcast – Episode 6, Lisa Hawker

In this episode, Jack chats to Lisa Hawker, Head of IT at Ark, about her extremely interesting and inspirational career and personal journey.

Lisa tells us how she wasn’t academic but always worked really hard – exemplified by the fact that she left school at 16 in May, went to secretarial college in June and walked into a job in September. Through her start as a secretary she discovered her affinity and aptitude for IT, and from there progressed through roles in IT, into an IT Co-ordinator role in a primary school and from there progressing to Head of IT at an academy trust with 37 schools.

Throughout her career, Lisa has had to navigate the balancing act of being a young single mother with strong career aspirations – and having to return to work just 3 months after the birth of her child, making her story a truly inspirational one.

This episode is sponsored by XMA.


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