The PNE Podcast – Episode 9, Phillipa Winter

In this episode, Jack chats with Phillipa Winter, CIO at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. After her brother was in a bad motorbike accident when she was in her first year of secondary school, she wanted to give back to the NHS and found the vocation of occupational therapy whilst at college for nursing.

Phillipa has had to work hard to get where she is – not finding out she was dyslexic until first year of university, Phillipa had a longer journey from school to uni but ultimately succeeded whilst learning to adapt. She acknowledges her year out doing management training for a major supermarket as giving her an excellent grounding in leadership, business, customer service, data and finances among other things. Phillipa values life experience and hard work and recognises how important various stages of her own journey were in getting here where she is today. Good leadership for her means identifying people’s strengths, giving them autonomy and honest communication – with her background as an occupational therapist giving her the emotional intelligence to learn and work with different people’s styles.


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