PNE is one of the UK’s leading corporate hosted events businesses, we specialise in curated conference-led networking events. Our focus is connecting forward-thinking senior leaders with innovative solution providers across Education, Healthcare, Enterprise, and the public sector.


Explore our Education Portfolio, your gateway to an innovative world of educational collaboration. Our events seamlessly blend learning with enjoyment, fostering a vibrant atmosphere. Here, education enthusiasts, creative suppliers, and dedicated sector minds converge.

Connect with senior education leaders, exchanging real-world experiences and exploring cutting-edge solutions. This platform empowers leaders like you to transform the education sector, driving meaningful change and shaping the future of learning. Join us in this transformative journey within education.

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Our mission is in harmony with the vast and influential realm of healthcare. We gather leaders from all sectors of the healthcare system, uniting them within a community who collectively drive change and enhance patient services through both collaboration & innovation. This inclusive engagement ensures every aspect of healthcare leadership plays an active role in shaping improved services for patients & workforce across the UK.

We don’t just offer an event; it’s an immersive experience where knowledge meets collaboration and innovation. We connect over 200+ senior leaders in the NHS with the sector’s most transformative suppliers, facilitating dynamic discussions and learning. Our goal is to distill insights and disseminate this wisdom across organisations.

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Since 2018, we’ve been unwavering in our dedication to deliver impactful and industry-leading events tailored for public sector leaders. Our mission seamlessly aligns with the expansive and influential nature of the public sector.

Our events are a direct reflection of our commitment to the public sector’s fundamental mission to accelerate excellence. They provide actionable insights and practical strategies, effectively aligning with the core principles of the public sector—enhancing wellbeing and services for both individuals and communities.

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Digital transformation is essential for large enterprises if they are to remain competitive, agile and customer-centric. Embracing the technologies leads to significant long-term benefits and growth.

Current economic pressures have increased the need for change. Large enterprises understand that digital strategies produce sustainable solutions, boost productivity, and build resilience. Implementing them allows organisations to develop better products that deliver excellent customer experiences while reducing costs.

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Our sustainability portfolio is inspired by the change we want to see in the world, one where business, society, and sustainability can harmonise. 2024 marks a momentous shift towards climate action as sustainable practices start to embed across all sectors and scales of society.

Moving from linear to circular models, organisations are optimising supply-chain logistics, reducing risks and building resilience. We exist to navigate, integrate and operationalise strategies, by making sustainability a central to every endeavour, aligning purpose with profit for a brighter future.

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I would recommend PNE events to anyone. The opportunity to meet high-calibre decision-makers is the best we have found.

Roger Slade,

Google For Education

Great event, smoothly run and really interesting discussions. Also nice semi relaxed event which creates good atmosphere for networking.

Roze Warren,


A great networking event that allows you to interact with different people from different backgrounds across different universities, a fantastic event.

Catherine Chambers,

Keele University

Really engaging throught provoking meetings with common purpose that we improve healthcare. Great structure.

Paul Watson,

Hitachi Vantara

The event was very well organised. Great attendees and we had lovely productive conversations. I strongly recommend any supplier to attend.

Anthony Wamburt,


Very well organised from start to finish. Very impactful two days. Supported well throughout by the great team.

Victor Bamigboye,


MATPN really sets the bar for other events, it is relevant, and the way it is organised makes attendees fully supported; with suppliers/partners getting the best two days.

Dan Gilchrist,


A really well run event. We have made good connections through the business meetings. The opportunity to present to the room has also provided good exposure to the sector.

Chris Hampson,


Very insightful, great tech opportunities, great people who want to make a difference.

James Steele,

Nottingham City Council

Great event. The setup and booked meetings really work. All the staff worked tremendously hard throughout.

Lauren Palij,


We gained 10 new clients, we saw an excellent return on investment.

Jamie McVey,

LMP Group

Everyone we speak to is a 100% lead, we generate a lot of business from PNE. They are the best events available.

Nathan Pembleton,

The National College

Well organised event. Delegates and sponsors have an opportunity for authentic conversations. No shocks or surprises means that everyone gets on, plays their part, and ultimately has a chance to solve some problems together.

Matt Tiplin,

Onvu Learning

The speakers were inspirational, and the event organisation was really, really slick. I have been very impressed with PNE.

Heather Robinson,

The Emmanuel Schools Foundation

Its great to see collaboration and commitment to discussions. A great event to make contacts and build partnerships, which is what we are all about.

Sam Jordan,