WiFi Spark – getting more business with PNE

WiFi SPARK provide an innovative enterprise WiFi platform – The SPARK – which allows organisations to provide visitors and guests with excellent WiFi whilst collecting useful information about their behaviour. Coupled with their powerful analytics platform, The SPARK also allows organisations to provide a seamless user experience by bringing in meal ordering, wayfinding, check-in and access to media like radio, news, TV and movies. 

Their cutting-edge functionality combined with the need to engage more holistically and meaningfully with patients has made WiFi Spark a highly respected provider to the NHS. With a strong presence currently in Mid Cheshire and University of Hospitals of North Midlands Trusts, WiFi Spark were looking to build on these relationships and talk to more Trusts about their service-changing product. 

Getting face-time with CIOs from NHS Trusts – as you would expect – is incredibly difficult. Recognising the opportunity to learn from and be up close and personal with delegates in key positions in Trusts across the country, WiFi Spark chose to come back and sponsor the Healthcare Partnership Network in March 2019, after previously sponsoring one of our first events in 2018.

Here’s what Steve Killick, Product Manager at WiFi Spark, had to say about the experience.


How did you find the Dragons’ Den?

It was really nice to perfect our pitch which normally takes 20 minutes into 2 minutes. It gives you the opportunity to get in front of a very wide audience you might not otherwise have access to and tell them about the business and the platform. Directly after the session, there was quite a big queue at our stand of people coming up and asking questions and wanting to know more – having been given a taste of what we can offer during the Dragons’ Den. 


How did you find the format of the event?

We were at this event last year, and we came back because we really liked it. When you’re at a more traditional trade show, it’s a bit of a zoo – people are just wandering past and you’re trying to pull them onto your stand with free pens! At the Healthcare Partnership Network, it’s friendlier, and a more sociable environment. You’re getting the opportunity to interact with these massive trusts on a personal level. Over the course of the event it starts to feel more of a friendly relationship than a business one, because you’re having lunch and dinner with these people and spending all day with them.


How have our events helped WiFi SPARK?

Within a week of attending last year’s event, we had some engagement with a large well-known Trust, who we’d never spoken to or dealt with before. After around 2 months, they placed a large order with us which covered the cost of the event and then some! We found that even during the event this year, after the very first morning session, we’d theoretically covered half of our cost with two handshake deals with people who are keen to invest in our SPARK Media Print platform. 


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